2022 — App — UI/UX

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Elena Veser
Jennifer Zhu
Hyejin Jang

Everyone might have experienced delays in train and get sick of the long waiting periods. When there is a delay, most people feel they are wasting their time now. To solve this problem, we came up with a service how travelers can use their time efficiently and enjoy.

For all train travelers, who are often affected by long delays and eternal waiting periods we want to offer an app with the goal to make waiting periods feel less like a waste of time and make them enjoy it. So far there is not a solution for this specific problem. Our solution gives the user special offers like coupons and recommends activities at and around the train station.

Users can check their schedule following categories: previous, current, upcoming. It changes based on real-time. If there is a delay, the schedule screen immediately changes, and users can find out whats the changes and go directly to the Coupon sections.

The Coupon section is the leading part of our app. We offer the user coupons from the train stations where they are at the moment. Those offers are different discounts, which we put in different categories. Depending on the delay, the user will get the equivalent amount of Coupon Points. Coupon Points are no valid currency for payment, they are solely for the distribution of the coupons. There are three stages of delays and therefore the categories of coupons.

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